I’ve shot these photos at Westminster, London during a pro-Brexit rally, taking place on 31st of January, 2020 — the formal date of UK leaving the EU. 

The words ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ kept being tossed around quite a lot. I couldn’t help but notice, that most of revellers celebrating at the Westminster were mostly advanced in years, clearly belonging to the disenfranchised societal strata. Many repeated UKIP’s anti-EU slogans at every turn, unable to elaborate when pressed by the journalists.

Just like individual people, I believe that countries also have two different faces — the official, and the hidden one. We all remember the Cool Britannia: courageous, diverse, original, humorous, and the like. At Westminster, I’ve witnessed the other face of Britain: distraught, confused, old and tired. A face nobody wants to acknowledge. A face that won’t fade so easily as some would wish. 
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