The Poles take to the cemeteries during the All Souls’ Day, 
celebrated on the eve of November 1st. 

During the solemnly-celebrated holiday, people light grave candles and pray for the souls of the dead. The legend has it, on the eve of All Souls’ Day spirits of the dead would visit their relatives’ homes to warm themselves up by the hearth and feast on the specially prepared commemoration meal. Before departing to the underworld, the spirits would attend a mass conducted by the dead priest's soul. The living were forbidden to watch the spirits, and severe punishment awaited the offenders. 

In modern Poland, the All Souls’ Day is observed with greater earnestness than in most places in the West. Many of the taboos and customs surrounding the All Souls’ Day, to name the few: doing only the most important housework, not starting a trip or refraining from working the in the field can be traced back to pagan Slavic traditions.
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